Welcome, I’m József Balatoni salamimaster.

Thank you for choosing us! Let us introduce ourselves. The Balatoni Hús is a family enterprise, established in 1 January 1991. The main activities of our factory are the production of dry sausages (such as salami or dry sausage), marinated, smoked and air-seasoned meats, hams, as well as semi-dry sausages. Our factory has an EU Identification number:

Our Motto: To give correct product for correct money to our Dear Customers and Partners.

We are devoted to persistent and continuous quality. We do not change the standard of our ingredients and seasoning, which characterise the given product. Our products are under constant procedural control. We comply the regulations of our HACCP system. Our wide product scale is made up of more than 60 types of dry sausages. All of our products differ in taste; each one has its own unique taste, owing to the ingredient?s and products? character. Our goal is to create different tasting products in order to enable all customers to find at least one of our products that perfectly harmonises to their liking. We do not simply want our customers to eat our products. We want them to enjoy them. We want to emphasize that our products are made solely from Hungarian ingredients! We produce meat products from pork, beef, horse-meet, goat and ostrich. Together with these products we have a ?poultry-line? as well. We produce salamis and dry sausages made of turkey, chicken (hen), duck and goose, and with their milder seasoning have softer taste. Our ?Mangalica? and Grey Cattle family products have their own separate category. Appearing in white, paprika and spicy variants, which remind us of the original Hungarian taste of the last century?s beginning. Their preparation is faithful to the Hungarian traditions: hand-filled to horse bowel. Our special products include:

  • Salami covered in cheese (Parmesan-Edam-?Pannónia?-Camembert-Smoked)
  • Salami covered in spices (pepper-garlic-caraway-paprika-?rustimix?-pastrami)
  • The ?lagúna? brand, Italian-style salami contains tender Indian pepper.
  • The pure, ham salami-type, which has no added bacon and is air-dried.

We care about our customers, who have problems with their gall, kidney or stomach, and eating smoked meat products can cause health problems. The ?Toldi? white and ?Toldi? paprika salamis are not smoked are less seasoned and are guarantied light products. Those who are looking for something special and like the sweet-savoury taste of the Chinese cuisine, have to try out the Fructa (fruit) salami. Its taste is the fresh mixture of meat and fruit. This unique taste can be enhanced if this salami is covered with naturally dried fruit granulate (such as apricot-papaya-William?s pear, etc.). Our newest family brand is based on game meat. We would like to further increase our offer with dry sausages and salamis made of deer, stag and wild boar. Besides our own products, which make up 75-80 % of the production, the remaining 20-25 % of the production is commission for so-called ?own brand? products. Within these products we would like to emphasize the Bio products. Their production is monitored by Biokonroll Hungária.

  • The capacity of our factory 300/400 t. per annum which can change depending on the rate of production claim for salamis and dry sausages.
  • We think it is important to create a control system which requires data collectors to be placed in a chain of measuring points. With them changes of temperature and humidity can be checked back with second accuracy. Besides the control system, which is equipped with a central computer, local control points are assured for the operators as well.
  • Along with this technological inspection, the recording, and by this the assurance of tracing of the ingredients and spices is equally important. This is basically a combination of a style number and a batch number (LOT number).
  • Wholesale trade is basically our commercial activity. Our exploitation is made up of 80 % domestic trade and 20 % foreign trade.
  • Our aim is to increase the rate of foreign trade. We currently run our sample shop in Szeged.
  • Along with the constant development of our current products? quality, we emphasize the development of our special products. These are, for example, our newest family brand based on game meat, such as deer, stag and wild boar.
  • We also develop those products further, which do not contain pork, therefore suitable for the strict regulations of the Islamic and Israeli religion and other ethical etiquettes as well.
  • There is a Hungarian saying: ?The proof of the pudding is in the eating.?


Thank you for reading our homepage and act according to the Hungarian saying:
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